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Oct 17, 2013

Guest Blog - Big Excitement at our House by Scout and Curly

We have been waiting for days!

Sport kept saying it was never going to happen. (I don't know why he would think that, it's only been almost 20 years in the planning.)

Yesterday they promised, but the rain kept them away.

Then this morning, the big trucks woke us up really early!

We watched out the kitchen window while they poured the back. It was the most exciting part, but Dad made us stay inside. He thought we might get in the way.

 They took what was left of the concrete and fixed up our driveway.

But Dad says it will still be 72 hours before it is hard enough to put up the basketball hoop. We can hardly wait!   To be continued...


LeAnn said...

I think watching men at work doing something like this is very fun to watch. I know they are going to love the new cement pad and it will be well used.

Anonymous said...

Even though it was 20 years in the making, at least it got done and the kiddos can use it for basketball soon right? right!!!!!!!!! I think anticipation is always a big big participant in any project..Happy Halloween coming soon, then turkey day and Hanukkah on the very same days in late late November..Christmas and New Years not too far behind, the days are zooming away, enjoy your lovely family, soon your daughter Teach will be home from her Mission a new young lady, blessed by the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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