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Oct 18, 2013

Fall Break

Remember last year when we did something fun and exciting every day over Fall Break? Like on Thursday we went to Cornbelly's. Then on Friday we went to the Church History Museum and on Saturday we went to the Scarecrow Festival. Well guess what I did today??

Clean toilets!! It was so not fun. What was I thinking? I really need to plan something a little more exciting for tomorrow. The Dog Walker just has so much homework that there really is no break for us. Princess and Prima Donna had a previous commitment with the Youth City Council to help at the food pantry today, and of course Sport had football practice. And I was at the church for 4 hours of volleyball in the evening. That doesn't leave much time for anything else. Oh yeah, and I took Crafty and Sport to the dentist today too. Sport was pretty upset to discover that he had a single cavity.

Last Monday we spent our FHE time making scarecrows for the contest at the Library. Sport made one out of Legos, the girls made this one with the shiny gold hair, and Bossy made one that looks like a Bingham football player. The cool thing about hers is that it is mostly made from old socks! I made the little bodies out of fabric and the kids did the rest. I don't know if we will win, but we had a good time with them.

So I need to plan something fun for tomorrow. I believe Bossy told me the Scarecrow Festival is going on this weekend, and since we are professional scarecrow makers, and I already know my sweetie would like to spend the day cleaning the garage... I'd better find something fun ...quick!!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Another fun post to read; of course, I don't envy the toilet cleaning part.
You have such a fun and busy family.
Blessings to all!


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