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Oct 20, 2012

Fall Break at Church History Museum

We had so much fun at Cornbelly's on Thursday that we decided to play on Friday too! Once again our time was limited. The Dog Walker didn't get out of school until 10:00 so that was our launching point, and Teach had to be to work at 4:00, so we had six hours to play.

I have been wanting to visit the Church History Museum for a couple of months, ever since my little brother wrote about it on his blog. I hadn't planned on having the grandsons, but since their mom had to work, we took two vehicles and piled in. We arrived about 10:45 and toured the ground floor first. They had some amazing things there! We saw an original copy of the Book of Mormon and the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum. We enjoyed that floor, then we headed upstairs for the kids' area.

After embossing some papers and stringing them into necklaces, the kids climbed into the replica of the boat that was built by Nephi. from the Book of Mormon. Prima Donna has a wicked sense of humor. You probably all know by now that Sport's real name is Nephi named after the prophet in the Book of Mormon. Well at one point in the book, Nephi's brothers are angry with him and they tie him to the boat. Prima Donna wanted to re-enact this for you so she took some of the yarn from the necklace-stringing and tied his hands to the mast of the little ship. Unfortunately, our Nephi's bands were much more easily broken than those of the real Nephi (although he managed to do it as well).

The kids area was really fun (unless your name is Nephi)! They had electronic coloring pages and huge blocks that could be stacked up like a real building and then broken down again. There were paper dolls and replicas of the gold plates as well as a whole wagonload of puppets. The Dog Walker had to try on every one of them!

Baby Doll loved the little kitchen, garden, and chicken coop areas. But by far the favorite was the dancing corner. They had full-circle Spanish skirts and vests to put on and then electronic dance lessons so the kids could try out various moves. All the girls got into it. They even made me give it a try!

When we were finally finished, we left the museum and walked through temple square to the City Creek Center. This new mall area was dedicated about a year ago but we had never been there before. I'm not really a mall person, but it was pretty amazing! There were so many shops. We had to walk through the whole place to find the food court so we could get some lunch. It was pretty crowded. I'm not sure if that is because it was lunchtime or because it was fall break, but it was busy!

We stowed the kids in the play area with Dog Walker and Princess watching them and Teach and I headed back to McDonalds for Happy Meals. Drama Queen and my sweetie were in charge of finding something reasonably priced for the adults to eat. They finally chose chicken chili verde. I was glad my sweetie chose it, otherwise he would have complained about how hot it was.

After lunch we walked back through Deseret Book and bought the kids a half-price cookie. Another walk through temple square and past the front of the Conference Center and we were in the parking lot. Most of the kids fell asleep on the way home.

I guess we managed to wear them out again.


Veronica Lee said...

Looks like a fun day! Love the pics!

Marci said...

I apparently have been slacking lately because I had no clue that Sports name was Nephi. So woohoo, I know 2/12 kids names! Also, Nephi is my husbands middle name and whenever we have our first son it will be his middle name as well. And now I'll think of Sport whenever I read about Nephi!


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