Oct 16, 2012

A Can of Water

There is this long-standing discussion that my sweetie likes to bug me about. Once when Bossy was still living at home (I'm guessing it was about 10 years ago), she was making dinner. I was distracted, doing something with the Dog Walker when I gave her the instructions for the chicken pot pie she was making for the family.

Anyway, as she pulled it out of the oven, the crust was beautiful, but everything was really sloshy and runny. I began interrogating her on the instructions. All was well until she got to the part about adding Cream of Chicken soup. Instead of adding a can of milk, she added a can of water!

And the worst part is that my sweetie confirmed that he had indeed overheard me say to add a can of water for each can of soup. (Although this has been a source of discussion for quite some time now.) We tried to eat the food, but really it was ruined and all Bossy's hard work was wasted because of a simple mistake.

Flash forward to today...

Teach and I were busy with various things so the Dog Walker offered to cook lunch. Since there were only five of us, me, Teach, Dog Walker, Curly, and Baby Doll, I suggested that he open a couple of cans of stew and warm them in the microwave. He also insisted on making instant mashed potatoes (which I can't stand!) in a somewhat sad attempt at shepherd's pie.

Eventually he called us in for lunch. I was still working on the computer when Teach called out, "You'll never believe this!" She paused. "The Dog Walker put cans of water in with the stew!" I immediately recommended that she pour off the excess water to see if the stew could be saved. She did and then added a little flour to thicken it up.

But it was no use. I took one bite of the pale watery concoction and immediately spit it out. Even the mashed potatoes on top couldn't convince the little kids to try it. When confronted with his mistake, the Dog Walker replied, "When I opened the cans, they looked funny." So don't come to my house looking funny... you might just get hit with a can of water.


Dog-Walker said...

Oh, Mom, why do you talk about embarrassing moments about me?! :(

LeAnn said...

Oh my gosh, I did need a laugh for the day. What a story! You are such a fun mom.
Blessings for the smiles today; I needed them.