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Oct 27, 2012

OK, I Get It

OK, OK, let's all just calm down! My sweetie is right, of course, I think I was just a bit overemotional when I read Maria's comment. Life here has been a little crazy. Like tonight, for instance. I convinced Bossy to do another Tupperware party for me, so I was getting ready to head out the door when Princess came up from her room.

She was a bit upset. "Dad?" she questioned. "My ceiling's dripping water!" It only took my sweetie about 10 seconds to realize that the water he heard coming from the direction of the laundry room was not the washer filling, but the bathroom faucet running. He made a mad dash for the sink which was running all over the floor.

That was a mistake! There was about an inch of water on the bathroom floor and his feet went right out from under him. He hit the floor hard, his fall only broken when he hit the edge of the bench in the mudroom with his rib cage. He writhed in agony on the floor for several moments trying to catch his breath while I slipped carefully past him and turned off the water.

He refused my assistance, so I grabbed an armful of towels and began cleaning up the water mess. Most of the kids were gone, so we figured it must have been Baby Doll, standing on her stool, turning on the water but not having enough strength to turn it off again.

My sweetie finally managed to get off the floor by himself, but we may end up in the doctor's office tomorrow anyway. Anybody out there ever have a cracked rib? What should we watch for?


Dog-Walker said...

I thought it wouldn't have been Baby Doll. She wouldn't be able to reach that high.

Sarah said...

There's really no symptoms of cracked ribs besides extreme pain. They don't do much at doctor's either, there's really nothing they can do besides prescribe something for the pain. Sometimes, they wrap the area in an ace bandage to keep the rib from moving around too much. Don't do much activity! If you mess around, you can dislodge the rib and puncture a lung. Hope he feels better and heals quickly.

Natalie Ockey said...

As long as it's not displaced, you aren't in much danger and the doctor can't do much.

Take some drugs, gently feel if anything seems out of place, wrap it as best you can, and don't lift your hands over your head.

In fact, do as little as possible.


Anonymous said...

Take an ace bandage you can get at Walgreens, rite aid or a grocery store wrap it around his ribs, don't let him put his arms high at all..Take aspirin or aleve if you have them on hand, rest and rest some more, no strenous activity at all or it can disloge and pierce his lungs, bad...Just rest and one can put ice pack gently on where it hurts for a few few minutes only....Don't let him drive or do anything with his arms much! Docs can't do much but prescribe pain medications or they could give him a pain shot..rest and rest some more mr. twelve makes a dozen hubby..praying for a quick recovery~~~~~~~ These things happen a lot and they to me are aggravation, going to an e/r room waiting in extreme pain only for a prescription or shot, coming home more pain and no work at all, happened to my hubbs he was off for nearly 5 days in agony, he nearly broke 2 ribs, sore as could be and no work and no pay, worked a job he had to be off one full week and we ate the no paycheck..but we are okay..Hope you are okay Sandy? just trust in the Lord everything will work out ok! It will, he needs to just rest and relax and not put his arms high at all, no lifting and no strenous stuff whatsoever! God's Blessings to you & your hubby!!!!


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