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Oct 31, 2012

Ready for Halloween?

I didn't mean to blow you off last night, but I was just so incredibly tired! It's my turn to do the high school carpool which means I have to be dressed and ready to go by 7:00 AM. You know how I hate early mornings!

Crafty and Curly
I would be OK if I didn't stay up til all hours of the night. I used to be able to get by on 4 hours of sleep, but the older I get, I can only do it for a day or two before I crash. So here I am.

And it's Halloween! The kids are very excited! Bossy took them to Chick Fil A last night for dinner. They gave free kids' meals to all the kids in costumes. This is our first year to be off-track for Halloween, so that's a little strange. Bossy has a big party at DCFS so we are heading there as soon as Curly and Crafty get home from preschool. Yeah, you heard me right. Crafty works at Curly's preschool when she is off-track. Princess started working there in about 4th grade and now it's Crafty's turn. It is so nice for them to have a little spending money of their own!

Sport's football team had a playoff for the playoffs last night. It was crazy! We sneaked into the playoffs as the 4th place team so we have at least one more game on Saturday. I need to hurry with this post because I have 2 hours to get Princess's dress cut out before we start playing. I just got the fabric yesterday and the dance is Saturday. I know, I know...Drama Queen told me I was too busy and it was time to cut something out of my schedule...

So I'm cutting something out.

Have a Happy Halloween!


Saimi said...

You are a busy girl, but sorta comes with the territory of being a mom of many!! Just remember to take some time for yourself and have a Happy Halloween!

Shell said...

Hope y'all had a good night!


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