Oct 25, 2012

Another Response - From Sweetie this Time

Itty-bittys… that's a term we like to use with the kids when they get feeling bad about something that maybe they should have had a thicker skin about.  It’ kinda of cow boy… or cowgirl up, but just on an emotional level…  At  great personal risk after reading my wife's latest blog post, I had to risk it.

Sandy, don’t you think maybe you're having some itty-bittys?  Yes, having twelve kids makes some people get all upset and they go out of their way to tell us why they think it's irresponsible to the economy, environment, etc.  When we take the family on a trip we get told we’re "number one" a lot in more other states.  (Some people consider the one finger salute something else, go figure...), and back when people were threatening me with physical harm it wasn’t fun at all, but Maria didn’t do any of these things. She didn't even include any of the normal objections.

 Don't we feel quilty burdenin sociecty, the goverment, the world with one more mouths  ect.  She didn't ask as if we never heard of birth control.. She didn't assume we took goverment handouts.  She didn't assume it would be impossible to care and nuture for so many kids and raising them in a big family was short cutting them some how.

 Maybe she meant then as an insult, but I don’t think so. I think she just wanted to know  why.  The page says "ask me anything".. so get over the itty-bittys and answer the question. 

Just to be fair, here are some of my reasons. for having 12 kids.

1. We just like kids.  We enjoy all age activities and find it enjoyable.
2. My wife is hot.
3. We have been blessed to be able to afford to  feed and shelter the bunch of them.
4. We make choices like driving older cars, shopping sales, etc., that help us with number 3.  We do that because of number 1.
5. We have found that as our family has grown, our ability to care and nurture has also grown. 
6. We don’t believe that there are too many people on earth, and that growth is fundamentally good for the economy.
7. We believe that our Heavenly Father made this earth so we could come to earth, gain a body, and gain experience.  For many of us that experience includes raising children. That’s what He wants us to do.
8. Really number 7 sums it all up. We believe children are a sacred blessing from our Heavenly Father, and we have happily agreed to care for as many as He trusts us with. And we feel privileged and honored to do so.

So do I ever feel guilty?  Yes!  To have so many blessing when so many struggle to have any or are limited after only one or two, sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair for me to have been blessed with so many.  But then I see someone with  a nice boat, cabin, or Chrysler 300 SRT8 and I remember that blessing aren’t  passed out evenly  I’m not sure why, but I  know it will all make sense someday.  So I go back to being grateful that I’ve been blessed with 12 kids and a hot wife as the guy in the SRT blows my doors off… Maybe it’s time for a trip to California.  I need someone to tell me I’m "number one."


Dog-Walker said...

Oh, Dad. P;ease no. We already did a big Out-of-state trip for one year. You might not be able to afford another one for next year. No offense of that, I thought you'd be worried about all the money you earn.

Anonymous said...

Well said mr. hubby Sweetie, how you determine your size of children is really really no one's business indeed..In england people would not ask, in Spain you would have a small family compared to many, you and your wife are in the USA free to choose what and how many children and what kind of family you want, it is really a very personal decision as you stated eloquently..Most families I know of with anykind of children are not CLOSE at all, money is their first and only love, when a family member dies, believe you me we have seen it all with Moms, & Dads..oh, my goodness I could write a book, shameful is what I called it, no one is taking cars, boats, liquor, cash or matierial items when they are laid to rest, although some people think they can they simply cannot..A lot don't think there is an afterlife I feel so sorry for them, their grief is palpable at the funerals, many spend thousands to lay their loved one to rest, for what reason? to make funeral homes a billion dollar corporation in the USA richer..No they have no faith like you and your sweet wife and your 12 children do..This short life or long life we have is not for material consumption but to me in my opinion...faith, familia and food, a spanish take on living in this big old world and in the USA I think it is even more important with all the things that call to peoples hearts and souls..God must be prominent and one's family second and it is wonderful to have foods from one's native country, both my parents immigrants and I ate many different meals than most of my friends and rejoiced we were one huge familia..I applaud your wife and you for staying the course in your faith, familia and food..God's blessings and mercies to you and your sweet Wife and lovely family full of love and caring..we need more families like yours in the USA, the teen prisons would be empty they really would be, with loving caring moms and dads and faith!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy Face said...

It's so awesome that you tell the world your wife is hot! My hubby says the same thing about me, and even though it makes me laugh, I must admit - after 30 years of marriage it is REALLY nice for a wife to hear that.