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Oct 4, 2012

Buying the Dress

I'm pretty sure I told you Princess got invited to the Homecoming dance. We are so excited for her to attend her first big school dance! So yesterday was dress-shopping day. Usually I would just make her a new dress, but we didn't get much notice and I've had a very busy week... so we found ourselves in a quandary.

I remembered a bridal shop that had some modest dresses back in 2006 when the Drama Queen needed a formal, so we headed there first. Princess was out of school for the day because of Parent/Teacher Conferences and of course Teach wanted to get in on the fun, so she joined us. Just as we were heading out the door, Baby Doll grabbed her toy cell phone and "purse" (which is really a lunch box) and asked for her shoes.

First I told her "no," but she was so sad, I told her to ask Princess. Well, Princess couldn't resist that sweet little face, so we became a party of four. We drove to Frenze up in Midvale. That store was total chaos! At first we couldn't find anything. Imagine a store where all the dresses are arranged by color, not size. Most of their stuff was pretty immodest for Princess's tastes, but we finally grabbed a couple and sent her to the dressing room.

Where's my groom?
While she was in there, I sent one in for Teach to try on. When Baby Doll started pulling off her little skirt for her turn, I sadly told her they didn't have dresses her size. But Princess spoke up, "Yes, they do." She pointed. "Look on that bridal rack over there."

Baby Doll LOVES new clothes! She looked so cute in the little white dress that I had to physically restrain her from removing the tags so we could take it home. We didn't buy it of course. How impractical is a white dress like that on a little one, unless it's a wedding party? Princess, on the other hand, tried on half a dozen dresses trying to find just the right one. As it turned out, we bought the first one (at half price!) that she tried on.
I'll sneak you a few cell pics, but if you know the guy she is going with...don't show them to him! We want it to be a surprise.


Anonymous said...

You could make up a little white sheet dress for Baby Doll for Halloween, she would be I am sure thrilled, anyold sheet would do, if it was white..I made up tiny dresses for our little only child her name means Princess in Hebrew so a princess dress was what she got most of the time, sometimes I got a dress at a retail shop for 25 cents and I remade it up it always came out sweet, she was covered, it is bitter cold here on Halloween sometimes raining, and ice and snow, so she never ever got cold, your daughter looks great in her formal dress Princess is her name you call her on your blog and she looked like one from the pictures you put on your blog, I know she will have a great time. Another sweet blog about your wonderful family..take care, hope you are feeling much much better pneumonia was it? hope the antibiotics worked and you got to sleep and rest!!!!!!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

She definitely made the right choice, the dress is lovely.

Marci said...

I love the dress! And Baby Doll's dress is fabulous too. I love that she wanted to be included in the fun!

LeAnn said...

I think she made a wonderful choice. I love the color. It is hard to find modest dresses. In fact, I get irritated when I go shopping because the stores only favor the immodest styles. I would think in Utah the clothes would be a little more modest. I guess we are in the world here too.
Blessings to you all and I know she will look beautiful at the dance.


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