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Oct 24, 2012

Carving Pumpkins with a Bear

Tricky title, huh? Got your attention anyway. You knew it had to do with scouts, didn't you? Pack Meeting again, and this time Sport worked extra hard and was awarded his Bear. My grandson, Taco, earned his Tiger, so that made this meeting even more special.
When the awards were over, we had a special service project. We carved pumpkins! There is a girl on our street who has a strange gastrointestinal disease. So unusual that the doctors have not been able to figure out why she can't keep any food down. Her stomach rejects almost everything... except pumpkin seeds.

Curly and Burrito
So the cub scouts wanted to help her. We bought 40 pumpkins and most of them were gutted and carved tonight. We took two large pans full of seeds to her home and she was thrilled with the caring and concern of all the little boys in our neighborhood.

And the kids thought it was fun too. A little messy maybe. My sweetie covered the carpet with plastic sheeting and the tables with paper so it wasn't too bad.

The Dog Walker brought lights so they could see what they might look like on their own porches for Halloween.

Sport has lots of patches!
We got a fantastic deal on the pumpkins! Rojas Farms gave them to us for a dollar each and that included the tax and everything. We picked up 20 of the little carving kits at the dollar store although I was wishing we had invested in ten more. The kids had to do a fair amount of waiting, but I guess learning a little patience is good for them too.

Gamer working with a group of boys.
My sweetie is such a good Cubmaster. I hear boys say all the time how much they look forward to pack meeting every month. He loves working with the kids and their brothers and sisters. He never loses sight of the fact that scouts is about families too.

All in all another awesome pack meeting!


Anonymous said...

Our Cubs aren't allowed to do any carving until they earn their pocket knife.

Mom of 12 said...

We avoided that subject by buying the little carving kits. The blades are serrated but not sharp. Even the littlest kids were safe with them.

Dog-Walker said...

Perfectly understandable about the girl with that stomach disease, Mom.

LeAnn said...

Wow, more memories for me. I remember doing pumpkins with the cub scouts. I worked as a den leader with each of my 3 sons for there whole time in cub scouting.
I loved that they could do a little service projects also.
Blessings to all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on the carving kits. It makes a lot of sense to let them do that. And I'm sorry about the person or persons who caused your most recent post. While I personally can not imagine having 12 children, I generally don't hold it against anyone who does. That said, if you decide to go on reality tv because you have so many children, then I'd probably hold it against you. I don't like reality tv.


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