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Oct 27, 2013


I'd like to believe that I'm not all that competitive, but I think my sweetie might argue with me. Although I think he would agree that I am not nearly as competitive as I used to be when we were younger. Just lately I have become a little obsessed with contests for my kids. Not anything huge and life-changing, just little things like the Reflections contest and the coloring contests at the Maverik, the scarecrow contest at the library (which won second place, by the way), and most recently, the coloring contest at the Home Depot.

I always have my eye out for fun and free activities for the kids, so naturally coloring contests are on my radar, but my sweetie brought home the one from the Home Depot. It was not Halloween-themed like so many that are out there this time of year. It was honoring the Fire Safety Month and the kids loved coloring the cute little firefighter.

On Wednesday night my sweetie ran their finished masterpieces back to the store, and then it was just a matter of waiting. We knew they had a safety fair scheduled for today and that the winners would be announced this morning, but I was still a bit surprised when my phone rang during the costume contest sponsored by our city (I will tell you about that one tomorrow...).

It was the Home Depot and they were excited to tell me that Sport had won first place in the coloring contest and could we come by and get his prize! I thanked her and assured her we would stop by when we were finished and I hung up my cell phone. About 30 seconds later, it rang again. She was calling me back to inform me that Scout had won 2nd place in the contest. That's when I asked her if any of my other kids had won, just to spare her all of those phone calls.

Sport's Winning Entry
Surprise!! They were all winners! Curly and Scout had tied for second place and then everyone else who entered was given a 3rd place prize. After the costume contest we drove over to the Home Depot and hurried to the staging area. They had a huge fire engine there and a bunch of firefighters to help the kids climb around and pose for pictures. They all received goodie bags, some more full than others, but the kids were very excited!

I'm going to show you Sport's winning picture and share one of our secrets. I believe my kids win contests like these because they go a little above and beyond what is required. Can you see the road and the tiny firetruck in the background? That's why Sport came out in first place!

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LeAnn said...

Sweet! Congratulations to all~


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