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Oct 23, 2013

More about Teach in Texas

A few days ago I got a letter in the mail from Teach's first companion. She and Teach were together for about 3 or 4 months before she was transferred. Teach spoke fondly of her and we learned that in all the time this sweet sister had been on her mission she had never received a care package. Well, the kids wouldn't have any of that. We immediately set about putting together a little box for her with some fun items. We decided we had better do one for Teach at the same time, so suddenly this became an FHE project.

We carefully wrapped jars of fresh apricot jam in new socks and we wrote a family testimony that we placed along with pictures in several copies of the Book of Mormon. We slipped in a few extra things including a couple of church CDs the Dog Walker burned for us.

We were pretty excited to receive her thank you note with this beautiful picture of Teach and her kind words about Teach I want to share with you.

Your [copies of the] Book of Mormon have been great. I am serving by the prisons and they have put some of them in the libraries there. They will change lives. And last of all I just want to let you know how much I love Sister Teach! She brought so much light and enthusiasm with her. I saw first hand people's hearts softened and changed by the spirit working through her. 

I know this is where the Lord needs her. She has such a pure and caring heart. She has such a strong testimony and close relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. I know every one of you mean EVERYTHING to her and she loves you more than you know. Thanks for your influence, examples, and love.

Sister Companion

That is so like Teach, sharing her love with companions and friends. I say "friends" because it is impossible to be in a room or even on the planet with her for more than a few minutes before feeling like her oldest and dearest friend. She is the sort of personality that just draws people in and makes them want to stay. I'll share some of her own words in a day or two, but just so you know I'm not biased...Teach really is changing the world... one heart at a time.


Anonymous said...

Congrats upon your daughter Teach and her teaching companion all you do for them God rewards them..I read with interest when you write of your sweet daughter, she is filled with God's love, patience and on fire for your lds church..how I pray for other who have young adult children to get the fire and serve the lord indeed, he will reward them, change them and their life path will not be hard like others who are not on the same path..She will be coming home to you soon and changed forever only for the good in this life..You are a wonferful parent and your hubs too..she is a shining example to her siblings as well..many temptations for young people today and not many like your daughter..you will know when she returns home to your arms and love of wonderful family how many others will join her church and be happy loving of the Lord human beings! Kudos to her! God's Blessings to her and you and her daddy and siblings, ciao X()X()X()

LeAnn said...

This was such a lovely post. I loved your FHE activity and you certainly sent some awesome stuff. I always loved it when a companion, member or investigator would send a letter to us about our missionary. You have a very awesome daughter and I love your updates on her mission.


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