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Oct 8, 2013

Letters From Teach

New Companions
Teach got moved to a new area last week and now she moved to another apartment today! Can you imagine moving twice in less than 10 days? She has a good attitude about it though. 
(: We are moving in tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm not too excited about packing tonight. :/ cause that's really not fun or easy. but we are going to be living with members. We have a new car a 2014 Chevy and we will both have driving privileges as STL (Sister Trainer Leader). It was my idea for that so I brought it up at MLC (mission leadership council) and then president loved the idea so it's in effect now. (: I was pretty excited about that. but anyway... (: 
Teach hates cooked carrots!
She is really loving her mission. It is so fun to see her learning and growing. She will be an awesome elementary school teacher when she gets home. Even though she is a little worried about her future, I'm sure she will be fine.
Things are going well here. Really it was just 3 days with conference and MLC of pure flow of spiritual enlightenment. I learned so much about my life and my future life and my life as a missionary and everything else in the world. I just need to apply it now. :) 

Sometimes I'm scared that when I come home I'll magically forget everything I've learned and strived to become while I've been out on a mission. I really hope that doesn't happen. 
it won't happen. I"m the only one that can let that happen so I just won't let it. (: 
She has learned about sacrifice and that is a huge lesson that most 20-somethings don't learn until they are older. I think that is the power of a mission. To give yourself over to God for a year and a half or two years takes a lot of faith. I didn't have that kind of faith when I was her age. But it can definitely permeate all parts of life if she just recognizes it. 

Also. there is so much more behind the idea of sacrificing everything for the Kingdom of God than I before realized. It means... everything. I'm excited though because that means as the Lord helps me to develop the gifts and talents that I am striving for that i can turn around and help build the kingdom with the things I've learned. Like as I learn the piano I can just see myself teaching little kids so that they can learn to be organists for the church. Or as I perfect my b-ball shooting I"ll be able to help the stake women's group. Does that make sense? As I learn to run maybe I will be Young Women stake camp director and take the girls on a hike in the morning and be an example to them for what the Lord can do when you turn your trust and weaknesses over to him. 

Last but not least, I think her internal thermometer is all messed up! Is Texas really that different from Utah??

Anyway. (: Food for thought. (: It's super cold here now. AKA it's dropped down to 75 degrees. I broke out my winter coat!

Stay warm, Teach. I love you.


Denise said...

Appreciate the update.

Marci said...

Oh my gosh, I totally relate to the 75 degrees and needing winter coats! Emma started wearing long sleeves, pants and socks all the time now because it's too cold otherwise, and we broke out our sweatpants! We also put our comforter back on our bed (we only use it half of the year) because we were getting too cold! I hope Teach survives her first Texas winter!

Anks said...

I've been a silent follwer so far. Love your blog an Teach's updates in particular. But what does STL mean?

Mom of 12 said...

An STL is a Sister Trainer Leader. She and her companion get to train the newer sister missionaries so it's basically a leadership position.

Anonymous said...

I love to read your blogs, I got a flu like condition so I missed teachs letter to you.oh, my goodness she is growing spiritually and all the way around for your LDS church..She will be doing only great things for the church and herself..leading by example and loving the lord..We know you miss her so much but can sense from your blog how very proud you are of her mission and its many ways of teaching her and how she will be so blessed in her life forever..God's Blessings to her and you and your family, it will go the time fast and she will return to your arms and your hubs too and her siblings..ciaoXX()()()XX

LeAnn said...

I hate the thoughts that we have to wear coats. It has been cool. I must say I love reading missionary letters. I think your dear daughter is doing such a great job. I have to girls in our ward that are on missions and I read their emails each week. I love following these sweet sisters on their missions. It brings back memories of my children as they served missions.
Thanks for sharing her thoughts; I love it


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