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Apr 22, 2016

Taking Out the Pink

Just getting started.
Last week when we were at SuperCuts for the free haircut class, I mentioned to the trainer, Melissa, that Baby Doll's pink highlights that were supposed to last for a few weeks had been lingering for over a year. She kindly volunteered to bring her in for the color class this week

Oh no! It's even brighter!
So this morning we showed up bright and early (OK, it was 9:15, but it felt early) for the class. Melissa thought it would take about half an hour to lift the color from her hair. Unfortunately, whatever brand of dye it was that Drama Queen used, it was completely resistant, in fact, it became even brighter!

So done with this!

Time for plan B.

We decided the answer was to just cover it with a different color of blond. Nearly 3 hours later it was finally finished and she looks beautiful. Now there are just a few stubborn wisps of pink left and I think we can tuck those into her bun for the dance recital, so that's good.


Anonymous said...

Supercuts doesn't do anything for free here in our town whatsoever..They charge an arm and a leg for their haircuts and anything else is really expensive..You must live in a big city because you get lots of free stuff for your family..They had the Jimmy John $1.00 sammie thing yesterday, one per person or they had security escort you from the restaurants, I thought pretty rude indeed. The big mall was swamped with people and many thought they could get two sammies, no way escorted from the Mall, I e-mailed my thoughts on this and will never dine at their places ever..The chick fil A opened and many actually camped out for the freebies which were gone in a few minutes REALLY??? FOR A COUPON FOR 52 meals for a year..Isn't a person's time worth something?????? The sammie I got the BLT was dry and no may whatsoever, I asked for it light not none at all, the free stuff I am able to get for the food pantry I tirelessly work for takes my time and efforts, gasoline is high here I take a public bus and sometimes my neighbors help me..I would rather spend my time getting food for people who work in excess of 60 hours on jobs that don't pay much to getting in a line and trying to get one sammie hard as a rock bun, no mayo sammie for a $1.08 that was with tax, my hubs and I are never going to do anything like that again, I did e-mail the company about the sammie and I can make better at our home...really??????????????????????????? You spend a lot of time getting your free stuff I don't how you do it!!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom of 12 said...

SuperCuts training studio is amazing! Baby Doll got her hair done for free, as did Drama Queen. Hers is beautiful and would have likely cost at least $100. That same complex had a Jimmie Johns and they had people out the door. I didn't figure it was worth it either although sometimes we do go to things like that just for the experience. I wouldn't do it by myself. Most of our free things are coupon-related so we don't have to wait in long lines. Have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Johns called our home, sending lots of FREE COUPONS FOR WHATEVER WE WOULD LIKE TO ORDER..You can believe we will never go to the Mall location..I was the recipient of a contest I enter every spring I get to get $1,000 worth of food from a huge supermarket and it will go to hungry families of 6 or more children here in our hometown, the jimmy johns I will get all the sammies for the Volunteers at the Food Pantry..I live in a huge town at the bottom of the Wasington area near Portland they do have Super Cuts training centers in Portland but we don't even go to Portland preferring our sweet home town here whereby the people do know your name and treat you well when paying for a haircut I always tip the ladies who work long and hard and are mostly single parents, Men and Women who love God and struggle with food issues! I get tons of coupons from companies after I write to them and tell them what I do like but as for standing a huge line or sleeping over night NO THANK YOU, I have too little time to do that always looking for food for the pantry and diapers & clothes (NEW) for the domestic violence place where I volunteer many hours..God commands in my heart to look out for others and pray for their happiness and Love of GOd..Your faith in our community is strong many learn to love your faith and how to be wonderful moms and dads, it is thriving but I am not of your LDS faith but serve the lord in the food hunger and d//v issues plaguing our lovely community, thanking you for your good wishes and lovely blog..! Have a great day also!


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