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Apr 20, 2016

First Time Pitcher

As you know, we are mired in the middle of baseball/softball season. There were two games tonight, one for Baby Doll, and one for Curly. All the other kids except Curly have had the opportunity to play several games already. His first game last week was cancelled after the first inning because of rain.

So tonight they played an entire game without any weather mishaps. Curly started the game at 3rd base, moved to 1st for the second inning, then to center field for the third. I thought that is where he would stay for the rest of the game.

I was wrong.

Next thing I knew, he was warming up to pitch the final inning! Now Curly is a pretty good athlete, especially given the fact that he is likely the youngest kid on his team, but honestly, I have seen him throw, but never watched him pitch.

I didn't even know he DID pitch! PW8 is their first opportunity to learn the kid-pitch game. But they don't allow walks. If the boy gets four balls (which happens often!) then the coach pitches the strikes. Curly was nervous, but he threw some pretty good strikes. He struck out two batters and the coach struck out the third batter to end the inning.

They ultimately lost, 6 - 1, but it was sure fun to see him on the pitcher's mound!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

There is just a great deal of joy associated with watching our children play ball and see them learn. Blessings!


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