Apr 7, 2016

Production Team

Scout and Crafty are both part of the Production Team. That means that they dance as a group with about 5 or 6 different numbers that are all together. A few years back the girls did Mulan and Princess had the lead role. This year they are doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Crafty is an Oompa Loompa and part of the Candy Man tap dance. Scout is a Violet. They have the cutest costumes. They are blue with a hula hoop sewn into the hem. Anyway, they have a competition on Saturday and they needed a place for one last rehearsal so I arranged for an hour or so in the church.

It was so fun to watch the entire piece come together. But my favorite part was actually when the director asked Crafty to get the Violets warmed up. They have about 8 little girls in that number, so they are a handful, but she did an excellent job. Then she had them run through their part a couple of times, cleaning and correcting the dance.

Afterward her director complimented her abilities and told her the girls looked much better. Crafty will be a great teacher someday.

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