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Apr 9, 2016

She Finally Did It!

Prima Donna is only 2 months shy of 18 and today she finally got her driver's license! Can everybody clap, please?

At first she wasn't really interested in learning to drive. Her first time out on the driving range she told the advisor she hadn't driven and she wasn't comfortable putting the car back in the gated area. He insisted and she sideswiped the gate, taking off the side mirror. He was so angry he grabbed the other one and it detached as well.

She wasn't really interested in driving after that.

Then she turned 17 last summer and decided she better get on it so she began working toward getting in her hours. She was just starting to feel confident and she had been out with the advisor with much better results when she fell at camp and broke both the bones in her leg.

When she finally got moving again, the musical started and she was busy every night and there was no time for driving. By November she was ready again and she got her second couple of hours in the driver's ed car and a second permit because her first learner's had expired.

Then she was in The Importance of Being Ernest and she didn't get her next couple of hours in until spring break. Then finally, on the last day of the break she was able to complete her road test. She passed.

I made her an appointment early in the week to get her license at the DMV, but she had some other drama thing and then it became today. And she did it.


I even have a picture to prove it.

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