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Apr 14, 2016

Being Spoiled

I have a perfectly good reason for not posting last night.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we had the Mary Kay lady come by and teach my girl scouts about skin care? She was so awesome and she didn't charge us anything, but I felt a little guilty about taking her time without buying anything, so my sweetie suggested we get a new set of Satin Hands.

Have you ever heard of this product? It's a little pricey, but it comes with 3 different bottles of stuff and instructions to make your hands super soft. I have never used it for my hands. It is my favorite product for my feet mostly because at my house, the purchase also comes with an hour-long pampering from my sweetie (and of course it has more than one use...).

So about 9:00 last night I wandered upstairs where he was watching TV and he was happy to switch off his movie and open our newly acquired set. It was fun to talk and laugh and spend some time together. Sometimes it seems we don't get nearly enough of that at my house unless we have a bunch of kids along for the ride.


Marci said...

I LOVE satin hands! Maybe that's what I need to do during naptime today! satin lips is my other favorite Mary Kay product, even just the lip mask part of it, I can use my own lip balm at the end. Mmmmm

LeAnn said...

I love that you had some moments together having fun and getting soft hands.
I am missing your posts and will try to catch up. Sending hugs your way!


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