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Apr 21, 2016

Guess What?!

You will never guess what I did today!

It was probably something I should have done long ago, but the time was finally right. I went up to Peterson's Car dealership in Sandy, and picked up my new car!

OK, it's not really new, but it's new to me, so that is good enough. I let my sweetie talk me into buying a Lexus even though I told him it was incredibly pretentious and not my style, but he convinced me that it was a small SUV with 8 seats that rode more like a minivan. A minivan with lots of seats would definitely be my style.

When we arrived at the dealership, the first thing our friend, Monte, told us was that he drove a car just like the one we ultimately bought. I know, sounds like a crock, but we have been working with this guy for about 15 years now and we think he is pretty legit.

So, it's mine, and even though it is already 10 years old, our "Sexy Lexy" (aptly named by Sport) is in great shape and it is parked in my driveway.

It's way more fun to drive than the Big Van!


Marci said...

EXCITING! Hope you love it!

Natalie Ockey said...

Oh, I was guessing Princess was engaged to someone new... : )


Unknown said...

We have had three used Lexus through the years. Two of them were over 10 years old and they were the best cars ever. We have one now that we bought in 2005. We really think they are great cars. Have fun! Hugs~


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