Apr 29, 2016

Guest Blog: Educational Blogs by the Dog Walker

As you may have saw my comment on the previous post, I was asked that I should write about Autism Awareness Month, but I didn't know that with a little bit of thinking I would just go and do it, but when I got there, Mom already finished it. I felt like I've either let her down or I took advantage of her. She told me that I did neither of those things. I was just tired, because of all the exaggeration with finishing the semester of college.

And speaking about the semester of college, I took some classes that required me to have a blog. I just felt like that I wanted to write to you about a few blogs that I made a long time ago and some that are made recently. Some are dealt with education and some are dealt with entertainment. If you would like, I have a list of them linked all on here. They might sound familiar already, but I just wanted to show you the blogs that I made and I'm hoping that throughout the rest of a life-time, I could be able to write a little more on each one.

There are some blogs that I've laid off and I just wish I went back to write a bit more on them, but I was just so darn busy with other things, like school, and I just got hired to working at Wal-Mart to earn money for a future. Ever since I got hired, my dad suggested to me that I should set up a financial goal to earn a new car, since the green Mercury cruiser is getting close to being shipped to a Salvage Yard. Okay, I'm totally going off subject here. I just wanted to show you the blogs that I made and I hope that they will show you about my perspective and what I've been learning.

The Art of Autism

Utah Boy Scouts

Kiylee's Christmas

You're the Special Child

LDS Lit. Reviews

Yule Love This Story

I'm hoping that you find all these blogs fun to look and explore at. I just need to adjust my time and start writing a little more on each of these blogs. Just so that I can get some of the followers back, especially KaHolly. She has been my top follower from The Art of Autism, and maybe with this post, she'll be back to being my online blog friend. As well as Marci too.

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