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Apr 4, 2016

Conference Sunday

Today was a beautiful day! We got on the road to Mt. Pleasant just after 10:00 and listened to the morning session all the way to Nephi. We pulled to the side of the road to listen to the last 2 minutes of the last speaker before we entered the canyon and lost the radio signal. It was perfect.

Bossy pitching
We arrived at my MIL's house about 12:30. My sweetie's sister from Colorado was there and they got to spend a few precious minutes visiting while Bossy, Gamer, and I took all the kids out to the park for a quick game of softball. The little ones kept drifting off to the playground equipment, but we still got in a little batting practice.

Crafty doesn't really love sports, but she was trying on 2nd base. I think she was more surprised than anyone when she snagged a fly ball. Bossy did most of the pitching and I got my standard position on 1st base. I finally bought myself a new mitt this week and it doesn't catch as well as my old one. (I'm sure it's not me...)
Sport and Gamer

We headed back to my MIL's for lunch. My sweetie had prepared an awesome stirfry for all of us and we ate while we watched the afternoon session. When it was over we loaded everyone in both the vans and headed back home. It was nice to have that downtime. Crazy baseball life starts tomorrow.

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