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Apr 12, 2016

Phone Monsters

Remember back the end of March when I showed you Prima Donna's cute Saving Water video? Well, sadly, she found out today that she didn't get that scholarship.

But she was only sad for about 30 seconds because she got another email that made up for it.

That exact same day she was putting together the Water Scholarship, she also entered the Creatables Contest at the Salt Lake County Library.

And she won first place...
Including a $1500 scholarship!

We were so excited :) I want to share her project with you now. I didn't dare before because it was supposed to be something pretty unique. She called it Phone Monsters.

I came up with this awesome sock-monster as a way to help teens and 
adults remember to not use their phones while driving.  First, you'll 
need stuffing, a colorful sock, felt, needle and thread, and stuff to 
decorate your monster.  

Cut a slit on the top of the foot part of the sock.  This will 
become your creature's mouth.  Sew in two pieces of felt as shown. 
Then, stuff the head and sew the roof of the mouth closed.  Be 
sure to measure along the way that your phone can get in and out 
of the mouth.  

Sew a strong ribbon or piece of yarn through the top of the head. 
This is how you will hang your phone monster from the car's 
rear-view mirror.  

Decorate your sock as you want!  Finally, place your phone in to 
measure how far down the monster's throat you want it to go.  Then, 
just a little below that, sew straight across.  This way, your phone 
won't go alllllll the way down into the bottom.  You want it to be 
easy to get out - but not easy enough to do it while you are still 
driving.  ;)  

Finally, hang it in your car and you are all ready to travel with 
safety!  Raaawwwrrr!!


Dog-Walker said...

It seems Prima Donna started to become Crafty's personality. XOX! 😛

Marci said...

That is an AWESOME idea! I love this! Way to go, Prima Donna!


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