Apr 16, 2016

Learning about Buying a Home

Drama Queen planned such a fun activity for our Girl Scouts today! Since it was Tax Day, we decided it would be good to teach the girls about something a bit financial. There is a badge where they can learn about the ins and outs of buying a home. So we decided to let them build a home.

I made chocolate frosting and Drama Queen went to the store and bought graham crackers, then we rounded up all the random candy, chocolate chips, etc. we could find. Princess even made us some fondant shapes. We filled 10 bags with frosting, added tips, and set out a pile of paper plates. Everything was ready but the price sheets and Drama Queen took care of that.

Oh and the money... Dog Walker pulled all the Monopoly money from the board game for us and it wasn't long before the girls began to arrive. They were a bit surprised when Drama Queen gave them each $2000 and explained what we were doing. Just to get started would cost them $900, a plot (plate), panels (crackers), and concrete (frosting).

They got to work, each designing their own house with the things that were important to them. About halfway through I gave them all a $50 tax refund and they were pretty excited to add a couple of Lifesavers or 25 large chocolate chips to their edifices.

As they worked, we talked about a dozen different aspects of home-building and home ownership. I hope they all learned something valuable. I know Scout did; when she realized they got to keep what they bought, she scrounged up her last $400 and bought another bag of frosting. She was the most popular girl around.


Mom of 12 said...

I totally wrote this post last night and forgot to hit publish! Sorry. :)

LeAnn said...

You do come up with the funniest of activities. I am sure the girls just love coming to see what you are going to teach them next. This looked like an awesome learning moment.
Hugs for you all!