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Apr 4, 2016

Dog Walker's New Room

We have been so excited to get the Dog Walker's room all fixed up after our flood last May. We ordered the carpet on Thursday and it was the last piece of the puzzle before we could put everything back together. In fact, I was embroidering numbers on baseball caps for Gamer's teams when I asked the Drama Queen if she would mind vacuuming the new carpet for me so we could move the bed and furniture back in when the Dog Walker got home from school.

About 45 minutes later, she surprised me by telling me she had single-handedly moved his dresser and bed and almost everything was as it should be. I'm so happy for him to have a place of his own again.

When I was young, I had a hallway room that everyone had to walk through to get to their own bedrooms. There was never any privacy and I had to stand in my closet with the door shut just to get dressed.

The Dog Walker has had his bed set up in the downstairs family room since Teach and Twiz got married. It's a big room so that's nice, but he constantly has people walking through and since there are also toys in there, the kids tend to make a mess for him.

So here you go, pics of the new room. Do you like the green baseboard? That was his attempt at doing something bright and bold. I love the color. It is much lighter in there now. Of course it helps that he has a ceiling and a working light fixture...

1 comment:

Marci said...

I love the green baseboards! It's always fun to have a little color in a room! The walls in my brothers bedroom are a light green color that is supposed to be calming. Maybe I should throw some paint up on some walls to cover the builders beige they put in everywhere!

And congrats on finishing up his room so he can be back in there! It is nice to have your own space again after being without for a while.


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