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Apr 26, 2016

Meeting Mark and Caralyn Buehner

Last week a lady from the PTA called me and asked if I could help sit with Curly's class during the Teacher's Appreciation breakfast while they had an assembly. It didn't sound too bad, so I agreed. I didn't realize what I was getting into...

It was truly one of the most interesting assemblies I have ever sat in on. The speakers were Caralyn and Mark Buehner, author and illustrator of one of our favorite children's books, Snowmen at Night. They also did Fanny's Dream, another amazing story, as well as a couple dozen more.

I wasn't exactly fan-girling (that's one of Prima Donna's favorite terms), but I was certainly enjoying learning about their journey into the publishing world. I love reading aloud to my kids, and it was so fun to hear the way Caralyn read us her own stories.

But my favorite part was when Mark started drawing for us on the white board. He could do better in 10 seconds than I could do if I slaved all day. I love his paintings and he brought some originals in to show us. I don't know if the kids were as interested as I was in learning about this amazing husband and wife team, mostly because I was too busy paying attention to pay attention.

1 comment:

Marci said...

That is so cool! Snowmen at night is a great book, so this was probably a fantastic assembly! Can't wait till Emma is in school and gets to have cool assemblies!


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