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Apr 10, 2016

Another Saturday

For a Saturday it was relatively calm. My girls were still at the dance competition (except for Prima Donna), but they have promised to write the post for you tomorrow so you can hear all about it. We got up early because Sport had baseball practice at 8:30, which is pretty lame since they had a game last night that didn't end until almost 10:00.

At 9:45 I took Curly and the Dog Walker to Lowe's to build a bird feeder. Their numbers were down a bit today and I was so excited when they agreed to give me enough kits for my Cub Scouts to put together on Wednesday. That will make my life much easier.

After we got home from Lowe's, we headed out with the last of the Scouting Expo tickets. The boys still had 11 to sell so that they could both reach their goals of 20 tickets. It was discouraging, but they were eventually able to sell every one of them. We were even able to donate (with Bossy's boys' help) 10 tickets to The Beast's troop. He lives in an area where the boys can't really afford tickets, so every time we had one donated back, we put it in a stack for him. Our family, friends and neighbors are always so ready to help. Thanks everyone!

After we cashed in the tickets and brought home the first day prizes, Curly discovered that the skillet he received as one of his prizes was actually 2 skillets. So I sent the Dog Walker back to the prize center with the 2 extra ones. Unfortunately, he was confused about the mix-up, so he brought one back again. The thing he didn't realize was that Sport had also received 2, so we still had one too many.

I dropped Sport at his Teen Advisory Board meeting at the library and then I ran back to the prize center one more time to make things right.

Prima Donna's friends came over and were just settling in to play a board game when my Sweetie, the Dog Walker, Sport, Curly, and I went to see Saturday's Warrior at the theater. It was a homework assignment for the Dog Walker's Mormon Lit class and so much fun. When I was a senior in high school, we actually put on the show as our musical, but I think I've told that story before.

After the movie my sweetie helped the boys design and cut out their BlastCars on the band saw (similar to pinewood derby cars but they have a motor) while Prima Donna, Baby Doll, and I ran to a couple of grocery stores. Then it was time for a late dinner.

Princess had a date, so I am still waiting up for her while the Dog Walker is reading to me from the nutrition book. Only a few more weeks of school for him and I think he is hoping to take the summer off.

Me too.

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