Apr 19, 2016


We had so much fun tonight for family home evening! We started late since the kids have dance and we had planned a late supper at 7:30 when we picked up Curly and Scout. Then our plan was to grab Crafty from the studio at 8:00 and head to a park for the last rays of sunshine.

It didn't work quite that way.

We got the little ones OK, but then we didn't get out the door with everyone until almost 8:00 so we went for Crafty first which was a great idea since our trip to Sonic for their half-price cheeseburgers took much longer than expected. (I was pretty disappointed, btw, that they were one of the few to offer any sort of tax day price cut...but I digress...)

Anyway, by the time we got to the park, it was 8:50 and getting pretty dark. There were softball games across the street and they had their huge lights on, so that gave us just enough for the kids to see so they could climb around on the playground equipment. Then they started night games.

We had everyone with us who lives at home except for Princess and she was still at work, so there were 10 of us chasing around the playground as well as my friend's two little dogs the Dog Walker had for the day. We haven't been so silly for ages.

The Dog Walker went totally off the deep end and climbed in the garbage can for a game of hide and seek except that he was just a bit too big...

We played and enjoyed each other for about 40 minutes until we got too cold and then we headed back to the house for donuts.

Such a fun time! And we didn't even plan it that way.

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Unknown said...

That does sound like such a fun time. You do enjoy the moments and I love reading about them. Hugs~