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Apr 28, 2016

Autism Awareness Month

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month?
A few days ago my sweetie came home from the store with a blue light. The packaging said it was for Autism Awareness and we were supposed to replace one of our garage lights with it.

The Dog Walker couldn't wait to get up on the ladder and add our blue bulb to the green one we put up several months ago because our dads were veterans.

Living with Autism all these years has been a challenge, but one that we have embraced as the Dog Walker has gotten older. Do we still have crazy moments when he loses it? Of course we do! Especially when he is under a lot of stress like he has been this week. It's finals week and as if that weren't enough, he started working at his new job last week. Either one of those things might have been enough to put him over the edge, but with both combined, it's almost inevitable.

Like today, for instance. He suddenly exploded about something that happened earlier in the week that made him unhappy. It was totally unprovoked and their were no reminders that I saw that would have prompted that sort of behavior.

Then it is time for calming him down and reminding him everything will work out. Sometimes I even start singing Primary Songs for him so he will calm down and live in the moment instead of the past. I will be so glad when school is finally out for him. He has one more assignment for his Autism class and a few small things for his math class besides the final exam. A week from now, we won't have to worry about school for him until September.

1 comment:

Dog-Walker said...

That's all true. Mom asked me to guest blog about this. I guess I was distracted and she just started writing it. I'm sorry, Mom. I totally didn't realize I let you down or took advantage of you.


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