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Apr 13, 2016

Crafty's Eye

My poor Crafty. Sunday night her eye was bothering her a bit, but nothing serious enough to tell me. Then on Monday about 10:30 AM I got this text from her, "Can you please check me out?" Now Crafty is not one to miss school. She worries so much about her grades and making up assignments that she has to be really sick before she comes home.

I immediately drove to the middle school and had her called to the Attendance Office. Her eye was red and swollen and she started crying when she saw me. I gave her a hug and took her home.

After some allergy meds, a long shower, and a short nap, she was ready for bigger intervention. Nothing was working so I called our eye doctor and they had us come right over. As he began probing her eye, she said she felt like something moved and then he identified an abrasion on her cornea.

Apparently she had some foreign body in her eye and at least it was finally out. He gave her these cute glasses and a prescription. We drove across the street to the grocery store and she waited in the car while I quickly had it filled.

We put the drops in as soon as we got home and she began to feel immediate relief. It was still terribly red and swollen and giving her headaches so Drama Queen ran back to the store and bought her a box of eye patch bandages. They made things much easier for her but she still couldn't concentrate on homework so I kept her home from school today.

Tonight she is finally feeling much better and planning to return to school in the morning. Her eye is still a little red and we are thinking now it was probably a tiny bit of the eyelash glue from her Saturday competition that had worked its way into her eye.

1 comment:

Marci said...

That sounds so painful! Glad the culprit was able to get out of her eye and that the drops helped.

Funny story, but one time I had a problem with my eye so my mom was trying to put eye drops in, but when she put them in it made my eye burn like crazy. After a few minutes she realized she had put Otic (EAR) drops in my eye not OPTIC drops. She felt so bad!


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