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Apr 24, 2016

Pet Day

Smile, Abigail!
On Friday, Scout and Curly had their last day of school for a couple of weeks because they are now on off track time. But Curly's teacher wanted to do something special with them before they went off. The kids decided it would be fun to have a Pet Party.

Unfortunately, we don't have any pets at this very moment and Curly was heartbroken. In fact, the day they announced the party happened to be a day when we had my friends dogs for an overnight visit. I've never seen Curly so disappointed when they returned home!

So then he thought of Abigail, Teach and Twiz's new puppy. I've put up some pics of her. She is a cute little Chiweenie, emphasis on the cute. We called Teach and she immediately agreed to have Twiz bring Abigail to the party.

The day came and Twiz and I showed up at the school a few minutes early. It was outside on the field and there were several dogs all safely tucked away on leashes. Abigail did a great job entertaining the kids with her cuteness and spunky personality.

Curly was like the proud papa, sharing info about her and letting the other kids hold her. Twiz did a great job too. Me? I just enjoyed the sunshine.

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