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Apr 27, 2016

Our Missionaries

It's been a long time since anyone left me a message on my Ask Me tab, but yesterday an anonymous reader wondered if any of our children have served missions. I'm guessing this must be someone fairly new to my blog because we have done many posts on our missionaries, but I will give you a quick run down.

Teach was our first missionary. She was called to serve in the Texas Ft. Worth mission in the spring of 2013. She left right before Easter and returned in August of 2014. Her husband, Twiz, served in the same mission and although they were not good friends, they knew of each other. When they met up at a mission reunion last fall, that was all it took for the seed to blossom into a romance.

The Dog Walker was our second missionary. He has Autism as you know, and he was not allowed to serve a proselyting mission far from home. We were able to have him serve for 18 months as a Young Church Service missionary working in the Special Needs seminaries around the valley. He absolutely loved his mission and was very sad when it was finally over. He has asked more than once if he might be able to serve again.

Drama Queen was our 3rd missionary. She also decided to serve as a Young Church Service missionary for the Church's motion picture studios. Her mission started in June of 2015 and she will be finished sometime next month. She has been updating their database and she spent several months manning the front desk.

Our last (for the moment) missionary is Bossy. She accepted a call to serve in the Family Search group in January of 2016. Her service is scheduled for one year and she answers phone calls for a couple of hours a day assisting people with their family history work.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! That was me that asked. I guess I just didn't understand the term "mission" because I thought that a "serving a mission" meant leaving home for 18 months or 2 years and not having contact with your families back home except for Mothers Day and Christmas. Not to minimize the great service your kids are doing/have done - I actually meant something other than office work or that kind of thing. I meant actually going somewhere away from home to teach others about your faith. Have any done that? Or plan to? Thanks!

Mom of 12 said...

As I mentioned in the post, Teach served for 18 months in the Texas Ft Worth mission.


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