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Apr 2, 2016

Conference Saturday

I love General Conference weekend! We managed to deal with 2 baseball practices, one baseball game for Sport (where I kept score), Giselle practice for our dancers, and cleaning the church in between sessions and I didn't have to miss a single word. It's been a while since I've had it that good. Princess had to work all day. Crafty had her AP study group meet at our house and Prima Donna was at the high school "teching" a dance competition. That means she was running the sound board and the lights. That's part of the requirement for her stage tech class.

We also had a huge family dinner after the priesthood session. My sweetie grilled hot dogs and baby back ribs. The only one missing was our sweet Beauty and The Beast told me she just wasn't feeling very well today. It's a rare day when we see one of them without the other. They are still very much newlyweds.

During the morning session I managed to tear all the blocks for the quilt we are going to make at our girl scout sleepover in May, so I felt pretty good about that. I also finished up a dress for Baby Doll. Our four youngest are having a sleepover with Bossy's family, so things are pretty quiet around here.

We are going to visit my MIL tomorrow, and I'm hoping to actually get to bed a little early for a change. I didn't think to take any pics of our day, so I'm going to show you a couple from our scout meeting yesterday. We had this cute Mary Kay lady come in and teach the girls about skin care. They loved it! And so did I because it meant all I had to do was sit back and watch.

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