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Feb 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know I love holidays, and even though some of my kids complain about Valentine's Day, I still enjoy the traditions. The kids got their valentines ready last week during a slow moment which was nice, because this week has been pretty crazy. That meant last night we were able to focus on them finishing up their boxes to take to school. Baby Doll made one even though her class had already made sacks to carry their cards in at school.

Curly delivering a valentine to himself!
I was surprised when my sweetie took the day off. After we got the kids all settled in school and my car dropped at the mechanic's shop for new brakes, we went to breakfast at Kneaders. They have some amazing cinnamon french toast.

My sweetie did some quick little projects like fixing the kids' bikes and then I went over to the elementary school to help out with Curly's classroom party. I felt so spoiled to find out that my sweetie had been shopping while I was gone and he brought me some flowers and the makings of a delicious dinner that he insisted on preparing without any help from me.

Twiz could only stand one piece of asparagus long enough for me to snap the pic. Then he threw it at Teach's plate.
We folded laundry and I even managed to sneak in a short nap. I was a little sad that no one from the neighborhood came by with any valentines this year. Not that I was especially surprised by that. My kids didn't even want to give any beyond their school classes. I guess exchanging cards and treats with close friends is becoming a thing of days gone by.

Caveman Gamer
I knew Bossy had to work, so my sweetie included her family in our dinner plans as well as Teach and Twiz. They spent a few hours this morning at the hospital, but labor slowed and they were sent home. We are all hoping the little Twizlet will make her grand entrance into the world tomorrow, so much so that Teach played full court basketball with us tonight in an attempt to move things along. (It was a pretty slow game, but still fun to have her back on the floor with us.)

We hope you got a chance to spend your day with someone you love.

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LeAnn said...

It looks likea busy Valentine's Day! You do have an awesome hubby. We spent out Valentine's evening in the Instacare with the Sisters we work with. I am so happy that they still do Valentine boxes. I do feel sad they don't do more neighborhood things. We delivered treats to some families we work with. One of the famlies gave us two nice pieces of Prime Rib that we had later when we got back from the Instacare. It was delicious.
A belated Happy Valentine's dear friend! Hugs~


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