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Feb 16, 2017

Jazz 111, Portland 88

Jr Jazz basketball was officially over last Saturday, but our tickets to watch the real Jazz play were for tonight. I love being at the arena with all the people cheering for the Jazz.

When we first got the codes for the free seats, Bossy forwarded all of hers to me so we could all sit together. I redeemed them on Flash Seats and we found ourselves in section 137, row 14...the entire row, pretty much. We had 18 tickets although Teach and Twiz opted to stay home and finish up a few things before the baby comes and Gamer (who works nights), thought he better sleep. That made 15 of us total.

We carpooled down in two cars. My sweetie drove the big van with me and all the kids including Princess and the Frog. Bossy brought the other car with Sport. Grandpa stayed at his mission at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and then took Trax to the Arena.

The traffic was terrible and we ended up missing part of the first quarter, but the game was close and exciting for the first while. By the third quarter the game was a blow-out with the Utah Jazz eventually beating the Portland Trailblazers 111 - 88.

It was fun, and other than the cost to park, we didn't have to pay anything. They even gave each of us a box of popcorn and a drink! Definitely my kind of activity.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

You do manage to find the best deals and then was super since it was free. I love how you can get that large of group there and pull it all off. I love your organizational skills. This was awesome! Hugs~


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