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Feb 5, 2017

End of the Season

Baby Doll had her last basketball game this morning at 8:00. You know how I hate early mornings...

It turned out to be a great game with our team clearly winning even though they don't keep score at the kindergarten age. At 9:00 we headed for Curly's game and got there halfway through the first quarter. It was nice to sit by my sweetie for a minute. He only saw a tiny bit of Baby Doll's game because he was taking Sport to his MathCounts Competition.

Curly does a great job in every sport he has ever tried and basketball is no exception. He is tall and big and the kids respect his skill level. He made 12 of their 20 or so points. Sadly, we had to leave for Scout's game halfway through the third quarter. I made a quick stop at the house to drop off the Dog Walker and Baby Doll and then I met up with Grandpa who had already taken Scout down to the school where our girls play.

That was a crazy game!!

We have never won a game before, but the girls play their hardest and we have come awfully close. By the middle of the 4th quarter, we were up by 1 point. Then suddenly the other team was up by one point. Inside the two-minute mark our girls ran the full-court press (they can only run it in the last two minutes). Our cute Ashley stole the ball on the inbound pass and popped it right in to put us ahead again by one.

Scout made 4 points!
Grandpa was getting pretty excited on the sidelines. As a former college player, coach, and official, he hollered about a foul that definitely should have been called. I calmed him by putting my arms around him and reminding him we couldn't yell at the officials and I didn't want him to get kicked out. Thankfully they didn't even give us a warning although I'm pretty sure that if I had been the one doing the yelling I would have been shown the door.

With 16 seconds we were still ahead by one and the ball went back and forth until Scout finally grabbed the ball and made one last shot for us! Their first win! And just in time too, their season ends next week.

Everyone is so tired today. My sweetie and I even got a little time this afternoon for a nap so we watched a movie that kept the little ones up way too late for scripture time. Thankfully, the Dog Walker got home from work just in time to carry them up to bed.

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LeAnn said...

I can't een imagine going to that many games in one day. Amazing!! I love that you provide so many activities for your kids and then are able to support them all by being to them for at least part of the time. I am happy your hubby is home and you could actually have a little nap. I love I love that Scout made the winning point; sweet. Hugs for all; especially Grandp and his cheering on the team.


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