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Feb 1, 2017

Real Life

I finished my cute rhino costume today, so my commitments for the kindergarten operetta are done! Yay! The crazy part is that Baby Doll can only model them for me now. She doesn't get to wear either one of them on stage. She is a village girl and a narrator.

The other half of yesterday I was at the elementary school doing a "marketplace." In 3rd grade they try to give the kids a taste of what it's like when real life finally hits. They have to go to every booth and buy something. I was in transportation this time so we got to sell invisible cars (or bikes or bus passes...) to these kids. So many of them still handed over most of their money for a sports car!

I convinced Curly to go for the two-door hatchback. His salary of $400 a month as a coach just wouldn't support the $75 he needed for the fancy car. At $30 the small car was much more reasonable. I wonder how long he will take my advice on vehicles?

My very sensible Coach Curly decided to take a break from spending his money...
Cookie sales are almost over and I am so glad! It seems like these 3 weeks have been FOREVER this year. In Utah they have two different prices for cookies this year, so I am planning on twice as much time to go over all the orders for my own girls and the troop. It would be so easy for the girls to forget in their totals and then somebody has to make up the difference. I don't want it to be the troop and I really, really don't want it to be me.

I also really, really want my sweetie to come home! These early mornings are wiping me out.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

The costume is adorable and I love the model. I can't imagine 3 rd graders doing this activity. It goes to prove that kids are smarter than ever. I think it is cute they chose the car. I wonder how that happens; who's example are they following.
Loved that I got to buy some Girl Scout cookies form you this year; yum! Thanks~ Big hugs!


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