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Feb 20, 2017

Happy Birthday, Burrito!

On Saturday, my cute grandson, Burrito, finally achieved the decade mark. I can't believe he is really 10 years old. Where did the time go?  When we started this blog he was almost 4. I'm so glad Bossy and I took the time to set up this chronicle of our lives so we can look back and see all the fun and crazy things we have done.

Like most typical boys, Burrito wanted corn dogs for his birthday dinner. In an effort to please everyone, Bossy and I decided on baked potatoes with all the fixings as a side dish. We also threw in salad, fresh pineapple, and some green beans just to make it a little more healthy. It seemed to go over well; at least no one complained.

Burrito is such a good kid. He was sweet and grateful about every gift he was given, even the half-eaten box of popcorn from Curly. Although my cute Curly knew how much Burrito enjoyed his popcorn at the Jazz game so he carefully tucked away the rest of his so he could give it to him today.

Beauty and The Beast found a quiet corner to cuddle.
Gamer had to leave for work before we got to cake, so Twiz lit the candles. Burrito was so funny, covering his own mouth so he didn't accidentally blow them out before they were all lit and the birthday song was over.

My sweetie left about 9:00 to run Prima Donna back to Ogden. We worked on cleaning up the party, reading scriptures, and getting kids to bed. Now the house is finally quiet. The Dog Walker is working on an assignment for school while I write this post and my sweetie just sneaked downstairs for a midnight snack. Love these happy family days.

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LeAnn said...

Happy Birthday To Burrito! It looks like a fun event and the food was perfect for a 10 year old; well at least the Corn dogs! Hugs~


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