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Feb 13, 2017

The Beast Celebrates His 30th Birthday

You know, when Bossy turned 32 toward the end of last year, I didn't feel old, but having my son turn 30 hit me kind of hard. Maybe it's just because now I have 2 that are in their 30s. I wouldn't change things though; it's so fun watching my kids grow up and start families of their own.

Beauty and The Beast have been working hard lately to get their house ready to put on the market so they can move to a more family-friendly area. Salt Lake County is growing and there are so many opportunities to sell right now that they decided it was time.

One of the problems that has plagued The Beast since he moved in was a leaky roof, but they have finally had that repaired and now there are just a few more minor things. I hope they decide to move closer to us. I would love a chance to spend more time with Beauty. Maybe she can remind me how to crochet...

But I digress...

I was telling you about the birthday party. All of the kids were here except for Prima Donna and Gamer. My sweetie spent hours make three different kinds of stir fry. I baked the cake, but Bossy wanted to show us her new decorating skills, so I let her finish it up. It was a fun evening with card games and visiting.

Happy birthday my oldest "son"shine. Love you forever.

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