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Feb 19, 2017

A Little Bribery

Today was so nice.

I wasn't unproductive, but every once in a while I like to be able to choose what I do instead of having it thrust upon me. That's not entirely true of the day. I still had to finish up the tax search this morning, but by noon I finally had all the documents together and the Dog Walker took them to my tax friend.

My sweetie is building a bathroom in the basement for my dad and he got almost all the tile set in the shower today and the floor leveled so he can lay the floor tile on Monday. Since he is in such a confined area, he is limited on how much help he can use, but we did spend a couple of hours cleaning up the utility room and the food storage area to make it easier for him to work.

Teach's baby was due today, but nothing is happening yet. I'm guessing Monday or Tuesday. If she makes it all the way until her appointment on Thursday, I think they will schedule an induction, but we will just have to wait and see.

Sport went to a merit badge pow wow this morning and came home with yet another unfinished badge. I was so frustrated with the fact that he had almost a dozen merit badges mostly done that I bribed him. I know, it's so unlike me... I offered him a new pair of joggers if he could finish all three of the Citizenship badges before bedtime.

He can be bribed!
He groused around and complained a bit and then got started. Before 10:00 pm he had finished the last requirement! So proud of him! Even if it wasn't all self-motivated, he did the work by himself. He has nearly finished the ones he needs for his Eagle now. I think he has 3 left and they are all in various stages of completion.

Hmmm.... maybe he could use a new shirt to go with those joggers???

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Yup! A good Bribe can work wonders sometimes! Way to go Sport; keep up the good works towards that Eagle. I think it is awesome your husband is a handyman too and can put in a bathroom; awesome! Happy you got the Taxes done.
Blessings and hugs~


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