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Feb 2, 2017

Guest Blog: Castle L'Orange by Drama Queen

Hey, bloggersphere!  I haven't posted in awhile, but I have some pretty exciting news to share: I'm starting to close on my very own home!  I've been looking on and off since mid-November, there have been quite a few good options - I even put in two other offers, but as soon as my realtor and I pulled up to this crazy pink-orange house, I knew it was meant especially for me.  

It even matches my hair!
The house is part of a complex built in 1978.  It's a detached split-level with a separate garage and a cute little yard out front and back.  It has four official bedrooms, and then a downstairs family room that we are going to convert into a second master - since it already has a bathroom.  Come summertime, Teach, Twiz, and their little baby will be coming to live with me.  They get the basement, I'll stay upstairs.  

Now, it's not the prettiest house around cosmetic-wise, but it's in really good shape.  (Had the inspection today and it came out excellent!  It's a house from 1978 but the biggest problems to deal with are a cracked window frame and a leaky shower head. Furnace, HVAC, and water heater are all less than 10 years old!)  

And as for the cosmetic-issues...well, let's just say my Pinterest board has seen an awful lot of traffic from me this week.  I'm inspired by a few different styles that are all coming together.  You know how shabby-chic plays around with farmhouse style?  Well I want to do a similar thing, but with neo-Victorian and industrial style.  The pictures can kind of give you an idea.  Just imagine bright, white walls, black trim, and beautiful brass and copper accents.  Then decorative elements like pillows would be in awesome jewel tones and keep to the Victorian steam-punk theme.

Mummy and Bossy saw this fantastic idea that I'm super excited to do, too: a penny floor.  Have you guys seen this?  So they take a whole bunch of pennies, glue them to the floor, and then cover the whole thing in a layer of epoxy.  I'm planning this for the kitchen and the bathrooms.  It looks so cool...and it's cheaper to lay than any tile I've seen so far!

The second upstairs bedroom I'm thinking of making my library/craft room.  It's been a great excuse to ogle bookcases all week.  I'm so excited to have my books back out of storage.  It's been like having old friends locked away...but maybe not quite that creepy.

Furniture, of course, will have to wait a bit, but that's okay.  I do have my eye on a few cute things.  Like this awesome gray couch.  And someday I'll have the chance to buy every cute octopus decoration I can find on Etsy..  

I'm not gonna lie, Bloggersphere, this week has been crazy-stressful.  But dreaming about the way it will look once I have the chance to tear out the old carpets and brighten everything up.. It makes me want to move in tomorrow!  

So tell me: What do you think I should do in my awesome house-make-over??

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LeAnn said...

I think it is awesome that you are purchasing a home. I like all your ideas. I really like the grey couch. We re-did a while home many years a go and it was so fun when we finally got it finished. We have a friend of ours that has a penny floor and it is so unique. Have fun with the projects. Blessings and hugsfor you Drama Queen!


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