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Feb 9, 2017

Soccer, Anyone?

Can you believe that some of my kiddos have never played soccer? With all the sports we have done and tried, soccer is one of those that has not been the most popular choice simply because in Utah the seasons typically run both fall and spring and that would have to eliminate other sports that they already know and love.

I grew up in small town Utah in the 70s and we didn't have leagues. I'm not sure I even knew what a soccer ball was!  Then when we moved to the "big" city, my older kids all played. The Beast was actually pretty good, but then football because his sport of choice, so that was the end of his soccer career.

Fast forward to my youngest kids. I have a hazy memory of some city league soccer when Scout was too young to really play. Curly may have had one year of soccer, it's hard to remember.

So when the email showed up today from US Family Guide about a free week-long soccer camp, well, I just couldn't resist. It looks like it will be incredibly fun! I didn't even know these camps existed in our area, but Challenger Sports - British Soccer Camps are all over the place. None here in South Jordan, but Herriman, Sandy, West Jordan, are all within a quick drive.

See for yourself.

Pretty sure Curly would love this! He would even get a free jersey, ball, tshirt, and poster. If you enroll your child in a British Soccer Camp, you can get the same deal! Just use the code: CAMP17 Here is the link.

I'll let you  know how it goes. It just might become his new favorite sport!


Marci said...

Fun! I imagine Emma will love soccer... in a few years!

LeAnn said...

I love soccer! All my boys played and some of my grandchildren too. One of my sons was really good. It is a fun sport. I am sure they will enjoy it all! Hugs~


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