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Feb 10, 2017

Kindergarten Operetta

My family is just so awesome!

Baby Doll had her kindergarten Operetta last night so we spread the word and I'm sure she had the most family support there. We had everyone except Dog Walker and Fajita who had to work, Gamer who had to sleep (he works graveyards), and Bean Dip who was with his mom.

Prima Donna even hopped on the train and made it down from Ogden. Princess and The Frog drove up from Springville. Teach and Twiz were a little late because she had a meeting, but they got through the door before it was Baby Doll's turn to dance. Grandpa hurried back from Rootstech downtown, and Beauty and The Beast slipped it in between church meetings but had to rush out right afterwards.

All the rest of us are here in town and we managed to make it work around scouts and basketball. It's a beautiful thing to have my kids love and support each other.

Baby Doll did a fabulous job and the Jungle Book was fun to watch and only about half an hour long. Most of us came back to the house afterward and shared pizza and soda and memories of past operettas. It's been a tradition at our elementary school for a long time and it is hard to believe that we have attended our last one (at least for our own kids).

Great job, Baby Doll!

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I really do love how you all support one another's acitvities. I would say good loving parenting. Love the photo of Baby Doll doing her part.
This was a fun post! Hugs for all!


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