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Feb 7, 2017

Sweethearts' Week

Did I tell you that Crafty is the Sweethearts Nominee for the Cupcake Club at Bingham? She was a rather unwilling conscript, but as the president of the club it was her duty to make sure her group was represented...

That sounds a bit like a lecture from Mom, doesn't it?

She has done several things to prepare for the big dance on Saturday, including getting a date, but her assignment for tomorrow was a poster advertising her club. I gathered up a bunch of paper and crafty-type stuff she could use, but she couldn't really get started until she got home from dance at 8:00. Then there was dinner, FHE, homework, you get the idea.

It was nearing 10:00 when she had Twiz pull out the CriCut for her to make the lettering a bit easier. She was using glittery paper, so Drama Queen suggested she use a brand new cutting mat. In typical Crafty fashion, she pull off the protective plastic and left it on the floor next to the cutter.

It wasn't long before I managed to put my foot directly on it without seeing it. My heart dropped to my stomach as I slid and for half a second thought I was going to hit the floor. Crafty giggled at me, not realizing the extent of the near peril I was in. Don't ask me why I didn't just pick up that nasty little amusement ride, but I didn't. It wasn't long afterward that I got my turn to giggle when Crafty took her turn stepping on it. She actually apologized for teasing me when she realized how terribly frightening it really was.

Here's that nasty little guy.

The glittery paper was beautiful, but hard to cut and even harder to glue. It took her more than 3 hours to complete the poster, but we were both pleased with the results. And we are both very grateful that neither one of us will have to face the rest of the week on crutches.

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