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Mar 8, 2016

Trying to Be More Healthy

It's nice to have a bit slower week.

We have been trying to eat more healthy around here. I have been off sugar for 2 weeks now and that has helped me remember how much I love veggies and fruits. Drama Queen has been exploring new recipes and last night we even had tilapia cooked with an assortment of vegetables and lemon juice.

So I'm asking you for your best healthy recipes, something kid-friendly, please. It's sort of weird thinking about changing what we have always done, but some of it is good. Drama Queen went to the store today and brought home grapes, berries, and bananas. For FHE treat, we had a healthy peanut butter dip with fruit. The kids were totally fine with it.

Genetically we are all going to have to worry about diabetes, but maybe I can keep that at bay for a few more years if we work on being a bit more careful.


Denise said...

as a type 1 diabetic, I say, please keep eating healthy my friend.

Anonymous said...

I have type 2 diabetes, I can no longer drink any kind of soda pop, sugar & candies are out, I eat tons of veggies and use olive oil..I walk and walk until I nearly drop it is not easy but we manage, my hubs loves pop no more in our home, healthy and happy! Type 1 diabetes is horrible it kills many people each year and type 11 diabetes is no picnic and is rampant in our country, because people will not walk anywhere and move..Just move as I tell people it is free to do so, all those sugary foods will kill a person in the future...People who live to their 90's and 100's don't indulge in sugar and or anything with sugar, they love fresh veggies and some fruits toooo, they don't drink and no coffee..My neighbor is 90 he creaks around the block with me daily and is active and eats so many fresh veggies I got tons of recipes and he is kind and loving, lost 2 wives and is on his third who is healthy toooooooo, but Diabetes type 1 took his wife of 50 years sadly, his third wife got knee replacements and watches her food intake, seventh day Adventist mostly fresh veggies and no meat whatsoever, healthy people she is 87 soon he will turn 90 3 days after her! I read your blog, you and your family eat a lot of sugar for sure! Your husband has diabetes type 1 oh, my goodness sakes! Keep up on the fresh veggies and some fruits!

LeAnn said...

Way to go! We are always trying to eat better. I do believe that the good fruits, vegetable and grains are the way. Blessings for this one~


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