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Mar 28, 2016

Last Day of Spring Break

We woke up to a lovely snowstorm, but that didn't stop Prima Donna from going driving and ultimately passing her test so she can finally get her driver's license! Way to go, girl!

Baby Doll
Most of the kids helped my sweetie paint the Dog Walker's room. They got two coats on it, but it may need one more. That's the nature of going back to white and painting over color. After that we gathered up the kids and went down to American Fork to the free movie theater with our Pass of All Passes. The kids were excited to see a second movie in the same weekend! On Friday night we saw Star Wars and tonight we saw Kung Fu Panda 3. I think I'm a bit overloaded with too much popcorn though. (I never thought I would say that, I love theater popcorn!) I'm ready to go back to our healthier living. I've had a tummy ache most of the weekend and way too many calories.

Speaking of calories, after we left the movie, we drove down to Krispie Kreme so the kids could show off their good grades and get free donuts. By the time we drove all the way back home, none of us were in the mood to finish or eat the half-made turkey soup, so we read a book while we digested popcorn and donuts for an hour and then we ate cold cereal for dinner. Corn flakes and bananas were just what I needed to lighten up the week.

I also spent a bunch of time putting the softball and baseball schedules on the calendar only to erase Curly's entire schedule and start over. I'm a little annoyed by that, not because I had to redo the whole schedule, but because now he has a bunch of Monday games right over the top of his dance class. Hopefully some of them will rain out and have to be rescheduled again to a different night of the week. That is literally the only one where he has a conflict.
Getting Donuts at Krispie Kreme

This will be my last slow week and then the games start on April 4. After that I will be at the ball field most nights. I love it, but it is hard to have any other sort of life at the same time. And Sport's schedule is not even available yet.

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LeAnn said...

I am always amazed at how you find good deals to take your children to events, movies and etc. I loved reading about your fun day.
I too love that movie popcorn. Be assured some of the increased weight is from water due to too much salt. I can't come up with anything that helps with donut calories. I love both of these comfort foods.
I can't imagine how you ever corridinate all your children activities. I keep telling you how amazing you are. Blessings and hugs for you all!


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