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Mar 15, 2016


Today was rough. I woke up with a migraine and had to count on my sweetie to get all the kids out of the door. It was 9:30 before the alarm woke me to get Baby Doll up and off to preschool. She was curled up in a ball next to me and looked perfectly content to stay there, but I called to Drama Queen and she gathered her up and got her ready and off to school.

I covered my eyes with my hands, and after about 45 minutes, I could finally concentrate and I crawled out of bed and got dressed. I had the Best of State nomination to finish today for the dance studio and I needed to accomplish something. Drama Queen put on a crockpot of chicken to make chicken pot pie for pie day. She picked up Baby Doll from school and they ran errands for me. The Dog Walker has been reading a novel to me for his class and I was having a rough time keeping up with the story.

Eventually Baby Doll came in with these cute glasses she made at school, and the Dog Walker took this picture of the ducks playing in the water left from the snow this morning. It was a beautiful day and I was missing it.

I finally got the Best of State submitted and I started working on some other things for the studio. I have so many random things like that to do. Then the kids started coming home. Crafty and Sport were soaked in their hoodies from the snow that had started falling again. I have no idea where the ducks were hiding; somewhere just waiting for the snow to make them another swimming pool out of my park strip.

Things finally cleared up and even though Scout's softball practice was cancelled, we still had dance runs and cookies to deliver. Sport needed to draw a picture of himself for art class, so he took one on my phone to look at. Baby Doll and Drama Queen made cream pies for FHE treat and Sport pulled another stalemate on me in chess. He is getting better. If I'm not careful, he's going to beat me.

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