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Mar 2, 2016

South Jordan Literary Contest 2016

Have I ever told you I love our city? We have so much fun participating in the various activities around here. Last month they announced a Literary Contest, so I thought it would be fun for some of us to enter. As it turned out, nearly all the public school-aged kids entered and I did too.

Today I got an email that indicated that someone from our email address had won. I was pretty excited to drive up to the Gale Center to find out who. I was so surprised when I was presented with not one, but FOUR winner's envelopes containing cash.

Seven-year-old Curly scored $25 in cash for his 2nd place win in the Child Poetry division. His first response was to tell me he was super excited because he could buy six boxes of Girl Scout cookies! (I don't think so... although I am pretty impressed with his math skills.)

Sport won 3rd place in the Youth Poetry category and he promptly got Princess to take him to WalMart so he could spend most of his $10.

First Place in the Youth Short Stories category went to Crafty and she was thrilled to receive $50 that she needed desperately to pay her dance competition fees for her solo next week.

And last of all, I won 2nd place in the Adult Short Stories division. I guess after 5 years I've had quite a bit of practice writing stories for all of you. Now guess where I am going to spend my $50.


Denise said...

your kids are so awesome.

Marci said...

I love how involved you guys get! And congratulations for the four of you who got awards!

Anonymous said...

Your state was mentioned in a huge article on states that are religious and non religious states, Utah and Texas have 69% percent of the populations that attend a religious mmeting, mass, LDS church, etc....Sadly the state I live in is in the top 5 of non-religious whatsoever states Washington..Oregon is even higher right across the bridge from us, I was raised in a roman catholic church and school, sadly 98% of the people I attended do not attend that church, they love your church and your missionaries are about and around our area all the time! Utah is also favored for the family and has many places to raise a family safely..thought you might like to know it but you probably did anyways, the sunshine and dryness is also a plus..Families are wonderful I have met and known for years coming from SLC they yearn to return to their families and faith...Kudos on your family winning the poetry contest..Somehow you and your family make lots of lemonade from your efforts, it is sad many don't even have a Mom and or Dad present in their lives let alone a deep and abiding faith..CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God's Continued Blessings, and congrats to your daughter upon her soon to be nuptials too!


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