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Mar 30, 2016

Guest Blog: Flat-Tire Accident by the Dog Walker

Flat Tire
 It's been a very long time since I got to explain on this blog about what's been going on with me these days. Probably because I just let Mom write down everything she wants to tell all of you about. But this time, she ran out of an idea for now. She has asked me to tell you a story about one of the trials that I've faced this week and it's happened for only two days.

You probably remember or not about the last incident with my car, but I've found out that something awful has happened to it. I probably have given it away already, but you can see that my car had a flat tire. I first noticed it when I was about to head over for my math class on Monday, I frantically told Mom about it and she suggested that I should take another car, but I was worried about taking the other car with me since it has no parking pass when a college campus requires it. Mom told me if the car gets a ticket, she'll pay for it. I went to my Math class with the other car, but throughout most of the class time, I was feeling a bit stressed out if the car was either going to be toed ticketed, or given a parking boot! About time when class was over, I quickly ran out to make sure nothing bad happened to it. Miraculously, nothing happened. I felt relieved and also felt like driving home.

By the time I got home, I noticed that Prima Donna was the only one home and I asked her where everybody was and she told me that they all went to the Free Movie Theater for Pass-of-All-Passes to watch Kung Fu Panda 3. I received a text from Mom and asked me if I got the ticket and I told her I didn't and she has asked me if I tried to inflate the tire. I told her I didn't so she told me to work on it before burning daylight. So I found the air compressor and the hose, but the only thing missing was the tip to pump the tire and it was the most important piece. I tried to find it almost everywhere, but I still couldn't find it. By the time everyone got home from the movie, I told Mom and Dad I couldn't find the tip. Dad looked on his desk and found the tip. I was like "How did I NOT notice it when I looked on his desk?!"

Anyway, I connected the tip to the hose while I connected the hose to the air compressor. I took the tire cap off and put the tip into the air valve. It successfully inflated. Unfortunately by the time I turned off the air compressor, there was air still hissing. I felt like that there's got to be something that popped the tire. I speculated it was from a broken plastic Easter egg that Bossy set up on our driveway for the older kids to find. I guess none of the kids found all the eggs and that one ended up crushing. Mom and Dad kept insisting me that a plastic Easter egg couldn't be strong enough to pop a tire. I tried to show the evidence to them, but they still insisted. So I threw those away and I tried to use the Jack-Lift that it was the only one I had.

Cut (Hopefully not a Scar)
I elevated the Jack-Lift under the car and it was almost all the way to the top and I noticed that the Jack-Lift tilted and it made the car fall! I tried again and I stopped in the middle and started unscrewing the bolts. The bolts were still tight and I used the end of the bolt driver to push down, but then the end snapped off with the palm of my left hand on it! It hurt so badly, it left a bit of a slice on my hand! I felt like wanting to give up on trying to unscrew the bolts, but then I figured out how to adjust the length of the bolt driver and then tried again. I successfully got all the bolts off the tire, I tried to take it out, but it still wouldn't budge.So I raised the Jack-Lift a little more and then I had a prompting coming in my mind telling me that my leg is right under the car and I should pull it out. I felt like I should do it, and by the time I raised it a bit too high, the Jack-Lift tilted again along with the tire being half-way off! If I never would've listened to the prompting my leg would've been crushed an I would end up in the Emergency Room. I decided that this wasn't working and I had to ask Dad if he had a better Jack-Lift, but he said that he doesn't. He suggested to me to lay it off for the night and by tomorrow they would get it fixed for me.

I decided to do that and I ended up having to ask for a ride to the FrontRunner station to get to school the next  morning. By the time I got home, the half way off flat tire was still there and there was nothing I could do about it. Mom was about to call a professional mechanic to come and fix, but she decided to have an enthusiastic neighbor and friend to come and fix it himself and be paid ten bucks. It seems that neighbor has a better Jack-Lift than anybody else in our family. He finally got the flat tire off and put the spare tire on. He told us that the cause was I unknowingly ran over a nail! I couldn't understand where all the nails were coming from these days! At least it's been solved, but the car's still going to have to be taken to a tire store so they can get a new tire for the car.

I never really thought about the prompting ever coming to me before. Ever since after my mission, I thought I lost my faith and I've let everyone down, especially Heavenly Father, but Mom told me that even though I gave up on Him, He never gave up on me. I need to remember that bad things like this Flat-Tire-Accident will always happen in the future, but it you listen to the Still Small Voice, it will bless you and that you'll never have to suffer so much of a serious consequence once you keep your faith going and keep your trust in Heavenly Father and everybody else. I hope I didn't make this too much of a long story, but I also hope that it has persuaded you that this really happened! :)


Anna Banana said...

This is a GREAT example of listening and acting when you hear the Holy Ghost. Thanks for sharing!

LeAnn said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story! If was a great example of the Holy Ghost promoting and the importance of obeying that still small voice. It is a good lesson learned but I wish you hadn't hurt yourself. I am happy ou got the tire taken care of.
Blessings for quick healing and hugs~


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