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Mar 24, 2016

Enjoying Easter

I've had so much to tell you I forgot to share about our girl scout meeting last Friday. Last week was busy, so I asked Drama Queen to come up with some sort of Easter craft for the girls. I was already thinking that we could make Bunny Rolls and then we would have an hour while they cook. She was excited to teach them her favorite technique, spray paint art. The nice thing about this project is that other than the canvases, she already had all the supplies.

Princess and my sweetie mixed up the dough for the Bunny Rolls in advance, and I was surprised when the girls took about 45 minutes to form several trays of perfect rolls. That only left 45 minutes for the craft that Drama Queen had carefully set up on the front lawn.

I shooed them all out the door with her while I stayed inside to cook the rolls. Little Sis was inside with me, feeding her baby. It wasn't long before we had our first disaster. My little nephew was carefully painting when he accidentally turned the paint can the wrong way and instead of spraying the canvas, he pointed it right at his face.

Thankfully, it missed his eyes and a little mineral oil took it right off. After that we made sure we had more adult supervision. Our older scouts are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, but the little ones were happy for the attention. The paintings came out great and as you can see, so did the Bunny Rolls.


Natalie Ockey said...

This story about Little Sis's son doesn't surprise me one bit! Ha ha!

LeAnn said...

I loved this activity. You are a trusting soul to do the painting part. The photos were awesome! Hugs~


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