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Mar 6, 2016

Baby Doll's a Winner

Remember I told you yesterday I had to be at Chick-fil-A early today? Well, I had a very special reason for that... Baby Doll was a finalist in the South Jordan Chick-fil-A writing contest, and even though it was very early (we had to be there at 8:30) we were super excited!

Sport had the same honor a few years back, so maybe you remember how it works. They choose 3 finalists in the 4 age categories and they are brought out to Chick-fil-A with a guest for a very special free breakfast. After eating, each child is brought forward to read his/her own story over a microphone to the group.

Baby Doll was a little nervous about that since she can't read yet, but I stood behind her and whispered the words and she shared them like a trooper. The food was served buffet-style, which was an interesting change. I think they fed people more that way because people took both the chicken minis and a chicken biscuit.

It took a long time to listen to all of the kids read their stories, especially the 6th graders. Baby Doll and I were nearly snoozing during a couple of them, not because they were boring; we were just tired. Finally they were finished and it was time to announce the winners. When they called the three girls up in her category, she was a bit hesitant because she had taken off her shoes, but it's a good thing she went up there because she was announced as the 1st place prize winner!

She was given a large bag of goodies including a giant stuffed Chick-fil-A cow, a hat, water bottle, pencil case, coupons for free meals, and a clean pad of paper so she can write many more stories.

We are so proud of her. I will see if I can get Drama Queen to help me put up the story for you with pictures.

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Denise said...

woo hoo, that is awesome.


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