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Mar 19, 2016

Grandparents' Day

This title is a bit misleading, I know, but this time I was the mom, not the grandma. My sweet dad came up today and joined Curly and me for Grandparents' Day at his school. The kids have been practicing since before Christmas so they could sing songs and present some cute stories for the grandparents.

Curly was asked to donate a case of water bottles, so we went in with him at 8:30 so he wouldn't be late for class. The program didn't start until 9:30, so that left us an hour to chat and look around at the fun artwork the kids had hung up all over the cafeteria. We even took this cute selfie and you know how I feel about those.

At precisely 9:30, the kids started to file in. There were three classes of 2nd graders, so the chairs for visitors completely filled the gym and the cafeteria. Since we had arrived an hour early, we were seated right on the 3rd row. (There were a few others even crazier than us!)

Curly looked so good in his gray suit and tie. He had a speaking part, so he really wanted to look good for Grandpa. He was nervous, in fact more nervous than he normally is about a talk or prayer in front of people. He wouldn't smile during the songs and he kept his head down when he delivered his part even though he did a great job.

They had a slide show with pics the parents had provided and the last thing was a waltz. I think my dad thought it was a little strange that he was supposed to dance with my son, but he was a good sport. Then we all took off for the classrooms for treats and goodbyes.

It was a good day. Just hanging out with two of my favorite guys.

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LeAnn said...

I think the grandparents day activity is a really fun one. We went to one up in Heber for one of our grandchildren a few years ago.
I can relate to it all; and I am sure you enjoyed the moments on this one. I think it is awesome your Dad went. Hugs~


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